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Hospital Beds & Stretchers for Rent  

We have hospital beds and stretchers for rent within the United States and will sell overseas. We will deliver and ship all over the World. PLEASE CONTACT US FOR AN UP TO DATE INVENTORY LIST AS AMOUNTS CHANGE DAILY. 

Hill-Rom Advance
Hill-Rom Advanta
Hill-Rom Versacare
Hill-Rom Total Care ICU
Hill-Rom CareAssist
Hill-Rom 837 Medsurg
Stryker Secure 2
Stryker Secure 3
Labor and Delivery beds also available


Many Hill-Rom and Stryker Models available​

Philips Intellivue MP90
Philips Intellivue MP70 for parts
Philips Intellivue MP50 for parts
Philips M4 M3046A monitors
Drager Infinity M540 Patient Monitoring systems
Welch Allyn 53NTO Vital Signs Montitors
GE Solar 8000M Patient Monitors
GE Dash 3000 - x2 for parts
Datascope Accutorr Plus monitors
Medrad Veris MR 8600 monitor, x1 for parts
Fukuda Denshi DS-7200 Dynascope monitor - for parts
Spacelabs 90369 Vital Signs monitors
Philips Viridia V24CT
Storz Radiance NDS 19" Monitor
Storz Endoskope V3C-SX19-R110 HD 19" monitor
Storz NDS V3C-SX18-A173 monitor
Smith & Nephew NDS radiance 19" monitors

Endoscopy Consoles: 
Olympus EUS Exera EU-M60 Endoscopic Ultrasound Center w/ CV-160 keyboard
Olympus Visera A50001A Endo Eye 10mm Laparoscope
Olympus UHI-3 Insufflator
Olympus OES LUS-2 Ultrasonic Lithotriptor with MAJ 1001 foot pedal
Olympus EVIS CLV-U40 light source
Olympus CLV-U20 Evis Light source
Olympus CLE-F10 light source
OlympuS XLS Light Source
Olympus UWS-1 Water Supply Unit
Stryker 20L High Flow Insufflator
Stryker Flocontrol Arthrocscopy Pump
Stryker X6000 Light Source
Stryker Infravision IR Illuminator 220-180-521
Stryker Arthroscopy Pump 350-357-000
Storz SCB Unidrive GYN 20711120-1
Storz SCB Xenon 300 light source
Storz 27080 Calcutript
Storz 10905CA Telescope Warmer
Storz Endoflator 26012
Storz Optical DVI Extension Module
Storz SCB Aida DVD M 202045-20 Smart Screen Image Management System
Storz SCB OR1 Control 20097020
Storz Twin Cold Light 483C
Storz OR! MP TulipVision Line
Storz Twin Video 202013-20 Console
Smith & Nephew Dyonics PS3500EP Control Unit w/ 3498 foot pedal

Stryker 590 SR Camera
Stryker 988-210-105 Camera
Dyonis ED-3 Camera Head

Flexible Scopes: 
Olympus GIF 2T10
Olympus GF UC30P
Olympus BF Type 20 Bronchoscope
Olympus BF 3C4 Bronchoscope
Olympus GIF-D2 Gastroscope
Olympus CF-100L Colonoscope
Olympus CF-20L Colonoscope
Olympus CF-1T100L Colonoscope
Olympus CF-100TL Colonoscope
Olympus OSF-3 Sigmoidoscope
Olympus OSF 2-35 Sigmoidoscope
Olympus EVIS OVC-100 Fiberscope Videoscope Converter Adapter
Olympus LS-10 Teaching Scope
Olympus MH-236 Interface Connector Pigtail Adaptor
Storz 11302BDD2 Intubation Scope
Storz Flexible Fiberscope

Endoscopy Carts: 
Olympus WM-D60 Endo Cart
Olympus TV-2 Video Procedure cart w/ NDS 19" monitor
Olympus TC-P2 Compact Trolley 
Olympus WM-60 Mobile Workstation
Olympus TC-2 Compact Office Cart
Stryker Endoscopy Cart w/ Wise 26" HDTV monitor
Storz Officekart 9803T w/ Storz 26" monitor
Storz DAVI Smartkart
Storz Documentation 9550SK Smart Kart
Smith & Nephew Endo-Tower Endoscopy Cart w/ monitor

Acuson Sequoia 512 w/ 6L3 probe
Acuson Aspen w/ 4C1 probe
Acuson 128XP Cardiac - for parts
Bard Site Rite IV
BioSound Esaote AU3
BK Medical Hawk 2102 EXL
BK Medical Leopard 2001 
Boston Scientific iLab120
Boston Scientific ClearView i5006 CVIS Cardiac/Vascular ultrasound
Boston Scientific Galaxy 2 Intravascular - for parts
GE Logiq 7 w/ E8c, 4DE7C probes
GE RT3200 Advantage 2 - for parts
HP Sonos 2000
Philips HDI 5000 SonoCT w/ C5-2, P4-1, L12-5, C8-4v probes
Siemens Sonoline G60S Ultrasound w/ C6-2, L10-5, EV9-4 probes
Siemens Sonoline G50 w/ P4-2, L10-5 probes - for parts
Ultramark 4A
Zonare Z.One SmartCart - for parts
Philips and Acuson Probes available as well

OSI 5890 Jackson Table Frames
Stryker Vertier Surgical Table
Sentinelle Vanguard Breast MRI table
Midmark Chick 10800 IOT Orthopedic table
Siemens Modularis Uro Urological Procedure table
OSI SST-3000 Spinal Surgery Table
Amsco Orthographic 2 Operating Table

Medical Positioning Inc Stress Echo Bed System 1736 table and AE2 echo stress ergometer
MPI Cardiac Echo table
Biodex 056-695 Deluxe ultrasound table
Tower Medical Systems Ultrasound table

Stainless Autopsy tables
Jewett SR1241 Autopsy Table
Cone Instruments tables

Physician Exam tables
Clinton Industries Flat top Exam tables
Clinton Industries 100-27 flat top straight line treatment table
Clinton Industries 100-30 Flat top Classic Series straight line treatment table
Clinton Industries 200-30 Flat Top Classic Series treatment table
Clinton Industries 1010-27 Treatment table
Clinton Industries 81010-30 Eco Friendly wood treatment table
Sammons Preston Value Line 6903 Treatment Table

Enochs Elpak 1000 Exam table
Joerns 987H Exam table
Midmark 405 - no remote
MXE World Wide Inc electric Exam table
Ritter 102 Exam table
Ritter 104 Exam table
Ritter 106-004 Biopsys table

We have many other items that are not on this list which include laboratory, neonatal, dental, surgical instruments, furniture, and many other items. Please feel free to reach out if you don't see something on this list that you have an immediate need for and we can help you locate it!

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